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  1. Need to Know
  2. 2017-2018 Courses & Grades
  3. Common App Insight Known & Fixed Issues
  4. Common App Insight Release Schedule
  5. Common App Member Guide
  6. How can I check the status of international payments? Is there a delay in processing these?
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  1. Timely Tips
  2. Explore Colleges Profile: Amplify Your Message. Extend Your Reach.
  3. How can I access Member Chat?
  4. How can I find more information on international payments?
  5. How do I search for my test applications in our Control Center?
  6. How to respond to applicants, parents, and recommenders
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  1. MR Webinar Pages
  2. Adelaide Song
  3. Annette Collins
  4. Annie Unger
  5. Bob Koehler
  6. Camille Green
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  1. Annual Updates
  2. Annual Updates: 2018
  1. New Members
  2. 01 Prepare (Live) 2018 Implementation Timeline
  3. 05 Launch (Live) Application Year Support
  4. 02 Collect (Live) Membership Profile 2018-2019
  5. 01 Home (Draft) 2018 FY TR (Do Not Remove Test page- per Camille)
  6. 00 Home (Live) 2018 Implementation Information
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  2. Common App for transfer Resources
  3. Common App Logos and Wordmarks
  4. Common App Member Guide
  5. Common Application Release Schedule
  6. Explore Colleges Profile: Amplify Your Message. Extend Your Reach.
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  1. Common App Organization
  2. Common App License Agreement
  3. European Union GDPR Update
  4. How can I submit suggestions or ideas to the Common App for future enhancements?
  5. How do I contact someone at the Common Application?
  1. Control Center
  2. Can Suspects and Prospects be exported together?
  3. How are the addresses validated in the Common App system?
  4. How can I flag my test applicant or recommender account so it appears as a 'test' record in the system?
  5. How can I view/access training materials?
  6. How do I add school-specific questions to an export template?
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  1. Third party vendors
  2. Cashnet Training Videos
  3. How do I contact Cashnet regarding payment issues?
  4. How does Slideroom integrate with the Common App?
  5. What is Naviance?
  6. Which non-US countries are included in the QAS address verification process?
  1. Applicant Experience
  2. Admission Plan Definitions
  3. Are paper/PDF versions of the application and/or recommender forms available?
  4. Can a student make changes to their Common App and/or Member Screen answers after they have already submitted to our institution?
  5. Can an applicant change FERPA decision?
  6. Can First Year accounts be switched to Transfer accounts?
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  1. Recommendation
  2. Can counselors and teachers still submit paper forms?
  3. How do international counselors complete information about their applicants?
  4. How does a Home School Supervisor complete information about a home-schooled applicant?
  5. How does the Common App invitation process comply with FERPA?
  6. How/where is a student's transcript submitted?
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  1. Common App Member Guide
  2. Common App Member Guide
  3. Common App Member Guide Site Map