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Training & Support

The Training & Support tab gives you access to training and support information, as well as your Data Catalog.


Training & Support is divided into two sub-tabs: Training Library and Data Catalog. In the Training Library tab you can find training and support information and in the Data Catalog tab you can download the Data Catalog and related resources.


Training Library

In the Training Library sub-tab you will find additional links to the Solutions Center and a link to send our Training & Content team requests for future training resources. You can also email directly.


Data Catalog

This tab contains the Data Catalog, the Companion Guide, and the Summary of Changes. The Data Catalog is your resource for all Common Application, Recommendation, and Member Screen content. The Data Catalog contains information about all fields that may be included in an export file. The Companion Guide and the Summary of Changes are designed to give you a high-level overview of the important changes to the Data Catalog and the Application from one year to the next.

Contact the Member Solutions Center with any questions.

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